How Good Would a Teak Bench Look in Your Garden?

Take a look in any park and there are myriad benches spaced out along the paths and walkways; along the promenade of any coastal town, there is a teak bench located every hundred yards or so for tourists and residents alike to sit and while away their time while taking in the view. Now, having got the picture in your mind, could you say with any honesty that teak benches-or, indeed, any type of teak outdoor furniture-would look out of place in your garden?

Well, if you’re living on the fifth floor of an apartment block it may be a little difficult! But if there is a balcony, then a nice teak outdoor table with matching chairs would look a real treat. Perhaps not a bench, though; these look good in formal and informal garden settings on the ground. A bench which circles the trunk of a spreading chestnut tree, oak, or sycamore tree gives one the opportunity of sitting in the shade, out of the midday sun, where one can indulge in a favourite book, enjoy a glass of wine or simply sit and reflect on all the hard work which has made such a beautiful well-tilled garden possible.

Teak garden furniture placed on a patio can be formal or informal, but without any form of furniture, there is absolutely no possibility of enjoying an al fresco lunch, or a relaxed and leisurely breakfast at the weekend (knowing work is at least one day away, maybe two). Tables and chairs made from teak make an aesthetically pleasing addition; with a few well-placed planters and pots containing herbs, tomatoes, and other small veggies, you can close your eyes and have the smells and aromas whisk you off to an exotic beach or foreign holiday long remembered.

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