Top 7 Reasons To Choose WordPress For Cms Development

When WordPress was installed to your website, it probably came with several themes already implemented and now that you’re looking at premium wordpress themes, you’re probably wondering how to even get them installed and usable on WordPress. There are several pieces of information which are given on each theme page that you should become familiar with in order to ensure an easy installation.

The most important piece of information is often the first one given: which versions of WordPress the flat WordPress themes is compatible with. Generally, themes will be forward compatible and themes which you purchase will be compatible with the latest versions of WordPress. Any easy way to check for your WordPress version to ensure compatibility is to log in to the administration panel and look at the bottom of the screen where the version is often indicated. For example, if your WordPress says version 3.2.1 and the theme says that it is compatible with 3.1+, then your theme will be compatible with your WordPress and should install easily.

Another important piece of information is whether or not the theme has an auto-installer. If it has an auto-installer, the installation procedure will take just a few clicks and a few pieces of information. Some themes may even install through your web host’s CPanel. If it does not, you will need an FTP client or your web host’s upload tool, an FTP username, and an FTP password.

If the theme does not have an installer, you will need to find your wp-content/themes directory. This directory should contain several sub-directories that relate directly to the themes that you currently have installed and is the directory in which you will place your premium wordpress themes. Upload the full folder containing the theme to this directory.

Depending on your WordPress version, you may also have an “Appearances” menu with an “Add Themes” option, a new feature in WordPress. You can use this tool in order to upload a zipped copy of your theme to WordPress, allowing the program to place the files where it needs them.

So your new theme is installed and you’re ready to enable it. You will just need to go to the “Design” menu, select “Themes”, and then choose the theme you wish to make active and all of the pages which are not told to explicitly use another style will begin to use the new theme that you have selected.

As you can tell, installing new themes is quick and easy using WordPress. The most important thing to remember is to always check the version of your theme with the version of your WordPress. If the theme is not compatible with your WordPress, you will want to upgrade your WordPress or e-mail the owner of the theme in order to check the latest compatibility statement. If they match and you’ve followed the instructions here or any instructions packaged with the theme, then you should be well on your way to using and enjoying your new premium wordpress themes.

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